little messy missy

little messy missy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rooster in Puberty

So yesterday I had to call my utility company to discuss a bill... but first it must be said that I live in a very old and very small house. I have had chickens in my computer room (no other room available)all winter and out of the three baby Malaysian Seramas one turned out to be a rooster. Living in Utah it is far too cold to let the chicks be outside, so under the heat light inside they have stayed...While talking to the costumer service representative the little rooster began to crow. He did not crow once but repeatedly and every time his little voice began to crack the phone fell silent. After about five minutes the costumer service lady asked me if I needed to go, I explained the sound she heard was a rooster which was followed by "YOU KEEP A ROOSTER IN YOUR HOUSE??!! WHY DO YOU KEEP A ROOSTER IN YOUR HOUSE?!, REALLY I THOUGHT YOU WERE BEATING YOUR KIDS!!!" She kept putting me on hold and I know she called every employee to the phone to listen to the rooster trapped in a puberty possessed crow. It is such a sad and scratchy crow I thought I would share. Enjoy a laugh on me!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Thank you! That was wonderful! I do love a pubescent rooster. When Skippy was inside with us last year, he fell in love with my husband's bedroom slipper. I got to watch his first "love experience" for better or worse!


Callie said...

Great story! We don't have a rooster, but we have a hen who is convinced she is a rooster and sounds more like a rooster than your little guy. HenRoo, sounds loud and a bit scary. At first I wondered if she was sick.

Chicken Boys said...

Poor little fella. I gave away some bantam roosters that did the same thing.


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