little messy missy

little messy missy

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Here Comes The Sun...

Sunflowers from my sunflower teepee. 


I am fascinated by how different all the colors and centers of these beautiful flowers are.

Up close, you can see the dark shell of the sunflower seed. The yellow blossom reminds me of a pomegranate.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bookish and Upcomings...

My latest read was awesome. I have read of few of Carl Hiaasen's adult books but never any of his young adult books before this one. I loved it! It had me from the very first chapter. Funny and a mystery. I will definitely go looking for some more to gobble up.Check it out!

Next weekend is the wedding...

Glittered antlers- check
Moss- check
Green glass terrariums- check
Dozens of twinkling lights- check
Hanging lanterns- check
Burlap- check
Gold dust- check
Toadstools- check

We got this!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ginger Bee Man

Did you know I have my own ginger bee man!?

Here is my hubby all suited up and ready to go out to our beehive.

Smoker ready..

Three jars of lovely honey was the take today. Just a couple of the frames were cleaned. The tall jar is going to a friend, he is going to make Honey Mead...the other jars are going to my kids. I still have two jars in my cupboard from the last time.  Bees are awesome!

We also made my Screaming Raspberries (Raspberry Jalapeno Jam). My eyes are still burning!<3 p="">

 Dill Pickles

 Canning season is in full swing here...I need to hurry because work starts in another two weeks!
(Don't sit still at my house, I may bottle you!)



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And The List Goes On and On and On......

This is what I have been up too...

Canning loads of spicy green enchilada sauce.
(Pickles tomorrow)

Meditating by our pond to feel peace.

Snapping pics of kids in sunflower tee pees.

Watching crazy videos Lara makes out of her MRI's. (Go watch, way cool!)

And babysitting my son and his girlfriends cute little puppy when they are working or at school.

Hours upon hours of phone calls to neuropsychologists, insurance company and lawyers....

Getting the last of the wedding items done...the wedding is on the 30th....

I am tired. I need oreos.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Remember this....
Well we finished....took some time but we got it done. I love it. I made the drawer pulls (out of floor tiles). I couldn't find any I liked without having to sell a kidney for them. This kitchen is all  made from reclaimed throw out cabinets. My hubby sanded and re-stained them. He made my counter tops from pine...I LOVE them! The only thing we bought was the sink... on clearance for 99$....... the island was a garage work bench and the top was our old dinning room table I sanded and my husband cut to the right size. The "new" bar stools I bought used for 10$ and the paint was a mess up mix for 3.50$ a can. I Love my new (OLD) kitchen!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Updates and Quiet Retreats

Here is a pic of Lara and her husband to be... they were engaged prior to the car wreck and the wedding is at the end of the month. LARA IS WALKING!!!! She is doing awesome. She has no short term memory (thanks traumatic brain injury) and some other mayor sensory issues but she is alive and we will take everything else that comes our way. She can be out in public or in crowds for about three hours so the wedding is short and sweet. It is in the mountains. A place they both love.

I can't believe its been five months since the wreck. Her life, our lives are completely different. Put down cell phones, don't drive distracted, can change can someone entire world.

Life is beautiful even with its changes.

We have a two year plan to move from our beautiful little country house. Buy a larger property so the our daughter and future son in law can build a tiny house next to us. Simple fruit farming and more bee keeping is our goal. With us close she will be able to take the necessary breaks she requires....her retreats into silence to quiet her brain.

Once again life is beautiful. We all still have each other.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Too Much...

Lara was very injured. I have not been able to speak about it. My blog is only for uplifting and positive musings. But the wreck was horrific. A distracted driver ran a red light in a school zone and hit my daughters and her fiance car. They used the jaws of life to cut her out.

That moment changed both of there lives forever.

He walked away with some ongoing neck and back problems, some Post traumatic Issues and anxiety.

She didn't walk away.  The stay at the hospital was long. Sleepless pain-filled nights. It left her with a crushed pelvis, all the ribs on the right side broken, skull fracture, inner ear concussion, stage three concussion, internal bleeding, contusions on her liver and lung and a Traumatic Brain Injury. After she was moved into the rehab part of the hospital we quickly feel into a routine of making her move. She is able to walk around with a walker and wheelchair. She is non weight baring on her right side.....that was up until today. This morning her orthopedic specialist has finally given her the go ahead to start rehab learn to walk......we didn't know if this would ever happen....

I think that is why I can write about it. She can start rehab. WOW.

The neurologist hopes the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will heal itself in a few month. She has no short term memory, horrible vertigo (spinning and falling sensation all the time), no appetite, no filter on her mouth (which is cute and funny most of the time) and sometimes cannot get the words out she wants to so she can become angry. Also my wonderful daughter who hated to clean now has to have everything SPOTLESS!!!! She cannot have clutter. It is too much visual sensory. Big crowds are a no no and she tape records or writes everything down. She also prefers to watch TV on mute. But really TV is better that way. ;)

We have known and met many wonderful people along this journey. Kind people are everywhere.
Hospital Bed at Home

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My daughter and future son in law were in a horrible car accident. They were t-boned by someone who ran a red light. They are lucky to be alive. They used the jaws of life to cut her out. I am too emotional to really talk about it in great detail but I will tell you she is broken. Skull, ribs and pelvis fractures. Contusions on liver and lung. Face has been glued back together. She will not walk for awhile. He escaped with bruising, burns and seat belt contusions. We are positive. She will walk. She will recover. She has a great goal of walking down the isle on August 30..the date of their wedding. I will continue to post updates.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Needful Things

My Needful Things...

I need my family, because without them I could never get through this crazy messed up world. 
I am always looking for little picture frames to (1-2 inch) to hang my family pictures in from a beautiful picture tree in my front room, and I can never find them. I need to hang the pictures up and show the world what a wonderful family I have.

I need to laugh. I need to hear laughter. I need to see laughter. It baths my soul.
Laughing is my favorite with vintage satire. I own books, magnets, calendars, bookmarks anything that is retro funny. Something about seeing a smiling mom holding a casserole while plotting a death makes me giggle. I am the vintage queen. ;)

I need to keep my friends close. I love to send them a joke, a quote, a picture in the middle of the day just because. I need my friends.

I need coffee. Without it nothing would get done at my house. Vanilla, Cinnamon anything that awakens my senses. I make it part of a calming ritual I do before work. Light a candle, say a prayer, drink my warm coffee, vocalize my intentions for the day. "Do small things with great love."~Mother Teresa

I need love. My job drains love from me and it is my husband, children and friends who refill my cup. I need love.

I need handmade art. I have tucked away many Artist Trading Cards. I love beautiful handmade art. I trade with wonderful people from all over this beautiful globe monthly. Art makes my heart happy. Art makes my heart dance. Keeps me young and lets me be worry free. Anything handmade I know was made with love intended.

I need the mountains, camping, hiking, fishing...It is my church.

I need white birds. I wear birds in my ears every day. I have a shelf with little white glass birds. I have two bird shirts and even a bird scarf. I even have birds on my skin. I love birds. They remind me that I am free. The choices I make are my own. That every bird is beautiful and capable of flying. I need anything with birds on it.

I need pretty hair elastics. I need to wear my very long hair pulled back every day at work and I want it to be tied back pretty. No bows, nothing to fluffy...but simple sparkle pretty. I go through elastics like they are candy. I am always searching for some pretty thing to tie back my mane!

I need to garden. I need to grown my own food. I need to plant seeds deep within the earth and stay to watch them grow. I need have dirty knees and hands. I need to be outside in the garden when the sun comes up and outside when the sun starts to sleep. I need my skin to drink in the suns heat. I need to plant flowers. Flowers that I can cut and bring indoors. I need to make fairy home for younger eyes to find. I need to play in the garden.


Friday, January 24, 2014

The Curious Little Yellow Stick

This is the curious tale of the little yellow stick.
One day, after a hard days work. I climbed into a steaming hot bath. I had used a generous amount of Epsom Salts because this particular day I had received a "great many blows". My poor tired body slumped deep within the hot water and the darkness and quietness of the room was breathing me back to Melissa. I suddenly had the feeling I was not alone in the water! (Please play Jaws theme in your head now). Something kept brushing up against my thigh. There it was again and again. I was almost afraid to look but when I did I saw something alarmingly yellow. I reached as if fishing for the king trout and pulled up this little yellow toy.
I somehow smuggled it home from work. I don't know how. I don't know where. It is an enigma. But there it was in the bathwater. Stranger things have never happened in my tub before. From now on I bathe with the light on! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Neutrality At It's Finest!

Co-Worker Kent
Neutrality can be difficult at times.
Enough said.


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