little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Needful Things

My Needful Things...

I need my family, because without them I could never get through this crazy messed up world. 
I am always looking for little picture frames to (1-2 inch) to hang my family pictures in from a beautiful picture tree in my front room, and I can never find them. I need to hang the pictures up and show the world what a wonderful family I have.

I need to laugh. I need to hear laughter. I need to see laughter. It baths my soul.
Laughing is my favorite with vintage satire. I own books, magnets, calendars, bookmarks anything that is retro funny. Something about seeing a smiling mom holding a casserole while plotting a death makes me giggle. I am the vintage queen. ;)

I need to keep my friends close. I love to send them a joke, a quote, a picture in the middle of the day just because. I need my friends.

I need coffee. Without it nothing would get done at my house. Vanilla, Cinnamon anything that awakens my senses. I make it part of a calming ritual I do before work. Light a candle, say a prayer, drink my warm coffee, vocalize my intentions for the day. "Do small things with great love."~Mother Teresa

I need love. My job drains love from me and it is my husband, children and friends who refill my cup. I need love.

I need handmade art. I have tucked away many Artist Trading Cards. I love beautiful handmade art. I trade with wonderful people from all over this beautiful globe monthly. Art makes my heart happy. Art makes my heart dance. Keeps me young and lets me be worry free. Anything handmade I know was made with love intended.

I need the mountains, camping, hiking, fishing...It is my church.

I need white birds. I wear birds in my ears every day. I have a shelf with little white glass birds. I have two bird shirts and even a bird scarf. I even have birds on my skin. I love birds. They remind me that I am free. The choices I make are my own. That every bird is beautiful and capable of flying. I need anything with birds on it.

I need pretty hair elastics. I need to wear my very long hair pulled back every day at work and I want it to be tied back pretty. No bows, nothing to fluffy...but simple sparkle pretty. I go through elastics like they are candy. I am always searching for some pretty thing to tie back my mane!

I need to garden. I need to grown my own food. I need to plant seeds deep within the earth and stay to watch them grow. I need have dirty knees and hands. I need to be outside in the garden when the sun comes up and outside when the sun starts to sleep. I need my skin to drink in the suns heat. I need to plant flowers. Flowers that I can cut and bring indoors. I need to make fairy home for younger eyes to find. I need to play in the garden.



Yarni Gras! said...

Aw, Missy, I wish we lived much in common. I love you talking about birds in relation to freedom, I've never thought about it that way...but I will never forget it!

jillytacy said...

I knew you loved vintage things and birds but I liked finding out why.

Iara Aguirre said...

i was so excited to receive your needful things package and couldn't open it until late, so i will post on the swapper spot tomorrow morning. thank you so much! despite not having an established blog of my own, you pretty much nailed it!


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