little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Water Logged and Dried Up!!!

We spent a couple of beautiful days camping with our best friends, our son and his pretty girlfriend. It was a water filled four days for sure. We swam, we fished, we hiked and all it involved water. We even hiked up a river. (Our bruises and sore legs are proof!)
 Best friends, son and his lady friend.


Cute Sabi 
(Notice the boys watching safely on the shore!)

My wee feet.

Our next outing was to Idaho and the cabin. It was water except what we brought. The boys fixed the "shit shed"! It was a working holiday. Beautiful deer everywhere in the evening when the sun disappeared and the heat melted away with the day. Peaceful, calm, breeze-less. Very grateful my sister- in- law brought the shower tent!!!  Going to get one and pack it in the camper. 
 The Tumble Weed


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the name Tumbleweed -- makes me think of that old country song about tumblin' tumbleweeds, of course.

farmlady said...

I haven't been here in a while. Sorry. But, I LOVE THAT TRAILER!!
Cn I borrow it for a few weeks?

Shybiker said...

Camping in nature is always a treat. Like reading your blog. Did you see any mermaids out there? :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooooh fun fun fun. What a fun little camper!

BadPenny said...

to go from all that cooling water to none must have been a challenge !

callie brady said...

All that cool water looks so inviting. Lovely trip!
I was looking for mermaids in the photos... shiny silvery tails flashing in the water fall? Thought I saw one...

Melinda c said...

I always thought those showers were cool too. your definitely need one. I am so happy to read the comments that people love the camper.......


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