little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ghost Towns

Yesterday I spent the day with my best friend, my daughter and her boyfriend. We took a 12 hour round trip drive and went to a couple of ghost towns and some old mines. We were also on a rockhounding exhibition and even managed to pick up tons of old glass, even purple and turquoise!! I am still tired today, but we had a blast!!!
Frisco Mine
I have been to quite a few mines/ghost towns but this by far is the best within 10 states!

 Beehive Kilns

These next pictures were a little "accidental" find. We went down a wrong road and came upon some beautiful old homes.

 While walking up to the back door of this house my daughter and I were surprised by a huge deer that was snoozing in the shade of the house. I really don't know who jumped worse, us or the deer!

 I love the bricks above the windows.

 This house was so over grown this is all that showed.
We finally found the Frisco Cemetery, it was so worth it. A dark rain cloud moved in while we were there and it made everything feel spooky.

 This is made out of very old wood. No name.

 See you can barely see the cemetery, no wonder why I couldn't find it last time.
 I really like this one, Gone But Not Forgotten. There were an awful lot of children in this cemetery.
Last we stopped in Eureka, my great grandfathers home town. My great grandfather ran a dairy in Eureka and my grandfather work in mine. My father lived in this little town until he was 1 years old. It is "almost" a ghost town. Only a dozen or so people live there.

I loved this trip, next time I am bringing my metal detector!


Callie Brady said...

WOW! I have never been to a ghost town. Amazing place! Wonderful photos. Yes, you must have had a terrific day!

Callie Brady said...

P.S. I thought there should have been some teeny tiny chickens in the salt shaker too...

jillytacy said...

Looks like you had a fun adventure! The pictures are great! I've never seen a beehive kiln before. The abandon houses are neat too, we don't see many of those here.

Jeanne said...

What a fun day! I love old towns, old cemeteries, and exploring places like that. The photos are great. they give a person a true sense of what the area is like.
Did you find any cool rocks?

Lisa said...

That was so cool. But did you see any ghosts?

miniannalee said...

Love all the pictures. Was hoping you caught some spirits on camera.

Amy said...

I've never been to a ghost town, either ... and it looks FUN! That is so sad to read the tombstones of all of the kids - esp the two in the same family.

Anonymous said...

wow...the pictures are great
oh the stories those old wall could tell :D

Mary said...

Here in the UK we have no space for Ghost towns ,and to be honest I always thought they were a Hollywood invention. I would love to visit those towns.One thing I noticed is the grave stones look like new, here in our damp air they would be green and unreadable.

Unknown said...

we have gone by this several times when we have gone out the dunes...I love eureka and the old buildings. In fact I have stopped and taken pictures too....


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