little messy missy

little messy missy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Laugh...

I love vintage advertisements and these one about baby's and birth control crack me up!
 I know plenty of parents who think this is okay!!!! (Blahhhh)
 Babies + beer = blitz mom!
 Her time may have expired ;o)
Keep swinging folks...the bird will still come!


Sharon said...

Holy Cow! How unreal is that? Start your baby on COLA? OMG!

I am so glad the stork days are over! LOL!

Lisa said...

Blatz! Toooo funny.

This post fits in well with the title of your last one!

Thanks for the laugh...


pchickki said...

This cracked me up!!
I have never seen advertisements like this.
Thanks for sharing :)

Jeanne said...

OMG!! These are priceless! Where ever did you find them?

gardenofsimple said...

haha those are cute! I love vintage ads.

LemonyRenee' said...

OMG, every one of those is hysterical! But that Blatz beer one has to be the funniest. Seriously!!??!! That is incredible. Thanks!

the old white house said...

Oh my gosh! Can you even believe the blatz one telling young moms that it is GOOD for the baby! crazy... I have some old postum ones that just crack me up, the mom stressed to the max with her little one in the background and she is thankful for postum to help get her through! Thanks for stopping by today, Theresa xoxo

Brooke Phillips said...

Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them!


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