little messy missy

little messy missy

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not So Simple

I am not simple

I am glued together with triangles and stars
I do what I want and move quickly
I like brown, bugs and digging
I have roots for feet
And wings for arms
And passion squeezed in between
I prefer black coffee over tea
And rigorous sex over movies
Sweet mixed drinks over wine
I am short, big breasted
With even a bigger heart
I like to laugh until I pee
And run until I can’t breathe
I like to move heavy objects alone
And I must have quiet so I can hear my thoughts
I like to lay awake all night and do nothing
And spend time tending to others needs
I like my feet wet
I like to be freezing cold
I like to rise in the morning when the world is asleep
And go into my back yard wearing only what I slept in
And feel the cool grass between my toes
I like to lay in the hammock alone and silent
And listen to the bat wings above
As they circle the mosquitoes
I like to undress and swim in lakes
I like to write
I like to read

I hate the phone
I hate red eyes from cats or too much alcohol
I hate self-hurting thoughts
I hate praying mantises because of their eyes
I hate sleeping when it’s hot
I hate the under-wire on my bras
I hate beets-they turn everything red
I hate having to get up to get dressed after sex
I hate hairy legs-they itch
I hate timers

Simply put, I am not simpl

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