little messy missy

little messy missy

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

after the rain

After The Rain

For a fleeting moment I thought I had forgotten
The remembrance of licorice brought the words streaming back
As I stepped outside to embrace the blossoms
I walked into the hidden place of children’s play
This morning the buds would be wide open after a night of feeding on sweet rain
I followed the steps made from free spirits with scabs on their knees
and braids in their hair
I walked past the purple bells, remembering sweet Hannah smashing them to make
Indian war paint
I saw the orange peels little Hailey took out to feed the birds
And as I bent down to pick the purple ones
I saw Hayden’s naked footprint pushed so deeply in the fresh mud I laughed at the struggle he must have had removing his toes
I picked purple and then looked up to my fruit bearing trees
They are alive with color, smells, texture
I picked wide-open dark burgundy blossoms on long twisted stems
I reached for the pink and purple stems filled with buds, some open and some closed
And I bathed in their lilac sent
At this point I became dizzy with smell
And recall stating out loud
That combined they remind me of licorice
I smiled and moved towards the tulips and irises
Picking handfuls to fill my arms
I felt my old pine call to me
And wonder why I did not choose him to bring inside
I reached above my head to cut a branch decorated with small-unopened pinecones
It fell to the ground happily and he too came inside

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