little messy missy

little messy missy

Monday, October 21, 2013

OMG....I Have Been Using The Boys Restroom!!!!!

So I love my new job. Love it! Up until mid last week I was a little scared to use the restrooms while at work. In the "teachers lounge" area there are clearly two restrooms. Both have this sign on the door.
So I had been just going into the restroom closest to the vending machines. This is what it looked like:
Clearly this being a unisex bathroom it had what I expected. One day I reached for the door knob and alas it was locked. I went to the other restroom. As I opened the door I (metaphorically speaking) heard an angels choir as I stepped into what was clearly the "women's" restroom.

  So I had been visiting the men's restroom for the last two weeks. Thanks for the heads up everyone!!
In this day and age I guess it doesn't really matter...that saying I really do appreciate the candle on the warmer and the seasonal soaps and lotions. Maybe I will sneak some pumpkin spice hand sanitizer into the men's bathroom. Hey, I know quite a few men who really love that stuff!


Shybiker said...

What a funny story. Most of the time, women prefer the nicer bathrooms they get, but at concerts and large gatherings, the line for the ladies room can be much longer than for the guys. I've known a few women slip into men's rooms to avoid those lines.

BadPenny said...

How funny x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That sign IS clearly misleading, LOL! I use the men's room all the time, if it's a single-person washroom. Damned if I'm going to wait in a line-up for the women's room if I don't have to.


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