little messy missy

little messy missy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer is Over

Back to work I go. My summer is over.

We have had many bbq's...these are my kids with their boyfriend and girlfriend in our back yard.

I cut "Betty" bangs.

Made a mermaid garden.

Got some new chickens.

Colored on rocks.


Made pendants.

Started a Junk Journal.

 Camped a lot.
Made my own hand soap, dish washer soap, and washing machine detergent.

I have pulled 1000 weeds, read 4 books and sat up to see every full moon. I have laughed with my red man, and cried with my sister, dreamed with my books, and flew with my art. I have stood barefoot in the garden, in a stream, and on cool grass. I have smelled fresh bread, stained my fingers with raspberries, and kissed a smiling mouth.  My soul is full and I am happy. My life is full of love and now during the next school year I get to share it with all of my sweet students.


"If you are busy judging someone, then you have no time to love them." ~Mother Teresa


Pam @ Frippery said...

Beautiful post on a well lived life. What lovely summer memories!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, you packed a lot into one summer! Love the Betty bangs.

Kristine said...

I love summers like that. :) It's good for the soul.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You're awesome!

Carol said...

I have been jonesing for a post from you - and this was well worth the wait. Thank you!!

val said...

this post brought tears to my truly and well happy for you my friend.

GothBarbie said...

Sounds like a summer full of lovely! I love the mermaid garden and deco rocks! Thanks for sharing all your fun!

temaire said...

Melissa, that is a beautiful post. I loved reading it.


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