little messy missy

little messy missy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seed Time...

24 flats of veggies and flowers are now all growing nicely. We start almost every plant inside. I love saving seeds.
We won't plant outside until after Mothers day, but with this weird weather we are having it may be even longer then that.
Other backyard hubby is digging a huge pond and is going to run a stream from it to the pond we have now. I bet it can hold 50 koi fish. It is huge. I have raked and tiled the garden, now I just need to get up all of the pine needles before they choke out our grass. I LOVE Spring.


val said...

I just squeal when I see baby seedlings growing...I know, I'm so weird! lol! I cannot WAIT to see your pond when it is done. We had one years ago...makes me want another one :-)

lemonverbenalady said...

You are an impressive little nonmess, Missy! I hope you understood that first sentence. Just great. The seeds are up in our gardens as well.
Trying to make the rounds of my favorites. It's taking a while. xxoo Nancy

Rue said...

Haha! I just squee'd a bit when I saw your grow-op and then I saw Val's comment. Such crazed gardeners here!

I've been dreaming of a good space for grow lights for a while now. No such space in my little suite, but one day. In the meantime I use the raised garden beds to extend my growing season a pinch.

Love all your babies!


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