little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This month has FLOWN by. I have spent it either at work or standing in the kitchen canning all of our fruit and veggies. Tomorrow is my birthday!!! I bought myself something I have ALWAYS wanted, really wanted...but that will have to be another post. My best friend is flying in from Texas today, to meet her friends family...we get to sneak away on Monday for breakfast! What an awesome gift to me! I cant wait to see her and hug her! This month I have made swans, zombies, bloody vampire bookmarks, and a zentangle or two! The Zombie Doll Swap was awesome. My partner sent me a wonderful package with a very cool handmade zombie doll.

 We made the cupcakes for the season premiere of the Walking Dead.
Christine was my zombie doll swap partner and she rocked!

I have spent a great many hours canning this season. I love that kind of hard work because I am providing food for my family year round. 
 Plum Jam
4 batches of salsa
 Peach jam
 2 dozen stewed tomatoes
 Apple Pie in a jar
 Strung up all my peppers
4 batches pickled jalapenos
 2 batches jalapeno jelly


Thistle Cove Farm said...

good for you...all the canned produce; it looks delicious! I love canning and love it when others can as well.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dang. Do you ever read a post, click on the comment button and then forget, totally, what you wanted to say?
No? You should sometimes, it will make you appreciate how I feel Right Now.

BEAR's Mom said...

Happy Happy Birthday Missy...
your swap looks frightfully good!
but what i'm wantin' is some of those jars!!! i don't can but my mama did and i sure miss her jars!
you do your family proud {{{envy}}}
enjoy the day with your friend...

jillytacy said...

You've been very busy! The zombie doll is awesome! And I love seeing all the things you've canned.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Coloradocasters said...

Fantastic! Those cupcakes are superb!!! Um...don;t throw stuff at me but I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger award.

Christine Edwards said...

So glad you liked your zombie package. I love that you made the cupcakes for the Walking fun! Hope you had an excellent Halloween. Thanks for being a great swap partner.

Janet said...

Your zombie cupcakes are great! And I love seeing all the canned produce you did. I made a few batches of jam and some pearsauce so I know how much work it can be. You did much more than I did!

Happy Birthday a little late. I hope you had a great day.

Callie said...

Wow! You are amazing!
The canning is beautiful. Love the way they look and I bet they taste even better. Took a look at your apron blog. Those aprons are a treat! What fun! I have a refrigerator full of cupcakes and I'm afraid I'm going to eat most of them.

Melinda Cornish said...

cupcakes! that brings back some memories...

Bloody Frida said...

oh my goodness - such yummy things! I didn't can at all this year (it was a tough late summer for me) but how wonderful to see your stash!!!


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