little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cupcakes and a Little Sorrow...

I recently returned from a trip to Dallas. I spent 10 days in the suffocating heat, and if it wasn't for the cupcakes I may have withered up and died.
Sprinkle Cupcakes are the BEST sweet to pass by my lips EVER!!! I am NOT telling a lie!!! If you get a chance to visit one of their brillant little shops, eat the red velvet one, it is the BEST!

 I ate 4 while there and brought back 6 on the airplane for my family. I had at least 6 people ask me if I would sell them one of my cupcakes. (I wonder if their main ingredient is!!) They really are that good!

I need to write down this next little tale. It is not a happy story but one that keeps replaying over and over again in my mind. I am hoping that putting words to it will make it somehow easier to move on. I will shorten the tale and spare the details. I happened to witness a woman in the grasps of extreme pain, uncontrolled emotion and amputee type loss. I was in a furniture store in Texas when I watched a woman go through a terribly private moment. She had just been told of a loss, a loss of her teenage child. Words are all I can use to describe the amount of emotion and energy I witnessed... animal, guttural, drowning... by the time help had arrived a coworker had her in clutches screaming "Gidget I Love You", over and over and over... I will never forget her name, her face or the moment we stood trying to help a beautiful woman start to breathe again.
I took something away from that moment, and learned something about myself too. I find myself saying words to the sky that include her name.

*changing subject on purpose now*

Well, I hear in a neighboring city there is a new cupcake shop open... guess who is going to go find out if they are any good???

Cutsie Cakes in Layton Utah


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Good cupcakes... thank goodness for a bit of sweetness. The sorrowful tale is heartbreaking. Makes me want to give some extra hugs to all the loved ones safe and sound under our roof.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

May Gidget find heart's ease in time. Surely there is no greater pain than a mother's.

Sharon said...

Ok, so I will have to make some cupcakes, no shops like that around here.

What horrible pain.......... to lose a child!

Have a great weekend!

farmlady said...

That co-worker did it right. Sometimes you just need to be there. You don't have to have any answers or know what to say.... you just have to be there and hold on to their shock and sorrow.
The cupcakes are beautiful!

Jeanne said...

There is no greater loss than for a Mother to lose a Child. May her heart find peace.
And may you find those cupcakes utterly delightful! :0)

pchickki said...

I can't even imagine losing a child and I am not sure I would have words to comfort someone. Those words that were spoken are wonderful and thank God she was there for that poor Mother.

The cupcakes sound to die for!

Hugs Messy Miss. I have missed hearing from you :)

Shaheen said...

I'm looking for a reason to make creamy cupcakes and movign closer to family will be one of them. Part of the joy is sharing.

The sorrow you witnessed - thanks for sharing, can't find words to express x

Shaheen said...

I'm looking for a reason to make creamy cupcakes and movign closer to family will be one of them. Part of the joy is sharing.

The sorrow you witnessed - thanks for sharing, can't find words to express x

Something Special said...

Oh your cupcakes are so wonderful, and what you witnessed had to be put into the blog. We are all so saddened by the tale. Thanks for sharing it though, probably good for all who reads it as we will be more mindful of and be thankful for our loved ones.
Now I must change notes here to. You expressed an interest in the Vintage Christmas in July Swap. Are you still interested, as I need more players.

Unknown said...

well we both know that you are a cupcake connosieur! (sp?) My dad still asks me when we are making more to sell......
Grief from the heart like you saw is so hard to just makes you want to run home and hug and kiss your family. I am so sorry that lady is going thru something so is tragic sometimes.

val said...

I love the you broke up a sad story with them. My heart is breaking for the woman....I can't imagine learning you lost a child while in the midst of a store. I always think it should be presented quietly, in your home...but I know that is unreasonable. I pray her family stays strong during this time.


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