little messy missy

little messy missy

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow, Seeds and Swaps!

It has been busy at our house. The baby chicks are doing great, running around everywhere. We had a big snow storm last week. It was so beautiful, it felt like I was in a snow globe. I love it when it snows and I am staying home. This particular storm had me and my little car trapped for a good hour about 5 miles away from my nice warm house. My brother in law was going to rescue me when the snow began to lighten up and I tried one last time to get up a nice big hill on sucky tires. I made it home and ate some chocolate...all was well again.

 This week we started our garden seeds. With all the snow on the ground it is nice looking at the bright green seedling emerging from their soil. We have 24 flats of veggies, flowers and herbs.

If you are expecting a swap from me don't read any further!!!
 So my friend Val over at Hot Mama Apron Swap is hosting another great swap. Chicken themed could I not join. I have to say I am so proud of this apron. I hope my partner will like it. I think I chose the kind of print she would like. I also used a vintage apron pattern and even made peekos form 1 inch fabric. I even hand embroidered chickens and found a vintage glass chicken and turned it into a pin cushion for her. She also collects cupcakes so I made her one with the chicken theme.Here is some of her package I will be mailing out today.

I joined a Voodoo Doll Art Swap. It was a challenge for me as I have never made a Voodoo doll. We were given a basic pattern and then let loose with our own imagination. I used a vintage potato sack, paint, alcohol inks and seagull bones we found at the Great Salt Lake. When I package it I am going to lay it on a pile of peacock feathers.

I also made a Pagan Whimsy Jar for a swap. It is filled with objects from the earth. I even wood burned a tiny gourd for her.I really enjoyed this swap. It was my first experience making a Whimsy Jar.
Last but not least I have been doing alot of art for swaps. I am hooked on inchies even though I tend to work with dark themes.
 Tim Holtz ATC Swap.
 Dark Inchies #1 Swap
 Tim Holtz Swap.
 Dark Inchies #2 Swap.
Paint Me A Post Card Swap.
Tim Holtz ATC Swap.


Crazy Amy said...

great apron package!! I love your seed starts! Living in So Cal, I'm still picking peppers from last summer's plants. I'm waiting on my order from Burpees so I can get new stuff planted.

Sharon said...

That is SO much snow! It is pretty! Oh I know that we could get snow again here, but I can hope we are done for this year!

Great start on your little plants! I imagine you have your plans on when and where you are going to plant them.

Mya said...

Where do you find the time to do all you do? That apron is adorable and you put such work into in with the needle work.
This is the first I have heard of a voodoo doll swap. We lived in Mississippi for a short while and were a short drive from New Orleans - a great place to find such dolls.
Glad you made it back home safely. Chocolate makes everything better.

Regena said...

you have been a busy little chickadee, haven't you. I hunted high and low for a little chicken to make a pincushion with, lucky you found one!!
And the voodoo doll, love it!!!
Good job being creative and a finisher!!

pchickki said...

That is alot of snow! Stay off the icy roads with bad tires girl.
The chicks sound cute.
The apron is wonderful, the jar is amazing. I will have to try that someday. The voodoo doll is adorable and the inchies are so cute.
Sounds like you are having a ball !!

Hugs to a fellow Idahoian
I hope to get out there to Nampa for a visit this spring.

Jeanne said...

Look at all that snow! Pretty!
Oh, those little green shoots are poetry for the eyes.....

AsAlwaysAngela said...

The Tim Holtz inchies are even better in real life! So glad I was the lucky recipient!

val said...

all your art is so lovely and that apron is AMAZING! You are one talented lady :-)


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