little messy missy

little messy missy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keeping My Hands Busy...

I have been doing a lot of art for swaps lately and I thought I would share some.
Altered Vintage Spoon Swap

Bloody Valentine Post Card Swap

Some fabric post cards with my grandparents on them.

 Altered Art Shrine Swap ( this is an Altoids tin)

I love swapbot...if you like to create art and trade check it out. Starting in May I am teaching two art classes at our local community center...YEAH!


Sharon said...

Interesting artwork, some looks quite time consuming!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

LOVE your bloody valentine and your . . . homage to chickens in the movies?

faerwillow said...

~each piece so unique clever and wonderfully creative...i just recieved an altered spoon and am over the moon by it...just the cutest of creations...thank you for sharing and best wishes on your teaching!!! much love light and blessings~

Janet said...

You certainly do keep your hands busy. I love the chicken themed mail art!! Congrats on the classes. That should be fun.

Two Dog Pond said...

I have never seen an altered spoon ATC or is it ATS? Very cool. Love everything you highlighted here. You must be spinning in circles with all the creative juices bubbling in you! Congratulations on the new teaching position -

jillytacy said...

Congrats on the art teaching gig! How exciting! I hope you'll share some of the projects you'll be teaching.


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