little messy missy

little messy missy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crap In The Breezeway And Let The Breeding Games Begin...

This is a picture from inside my back door. I have a little breezeway between the back door and the door to go outside. I keep my seeds, pots and shoes etc in the the little room. We have 2 pets doors, one from the kitchen/computer room into the breezeway and the other from the breezeway into the back yard. Well guess chickens have learned to go through the outside pet door and come into my breezeway, hence the title..crap in the breezeway. I am lucky they only free range during the winter months.... frozen chicken poo is not fun to clean up!!! The best part about all of this naughtiness is that sometimes they trap the cat into the breezeway with them..hahaha. The creepy part is that sometimes I look over and see ONE eye starring at me!!!
This sassy looking couple is our breeding pair of Malaysian Seramas. We now have two females and one rooster. These awesome mini chickens along with their custom built polygamist coop was my Christmas gift from my hubby. My son named the rooster The Kernel and we are still in need of two hen names (suggestions please). They are the smallest breed of chickens in the world and we do not know of any breeders in Utah that offer them. I hope they lay some eggs real soon.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

In deference to the polygamist goings-on in your coop, how about SisterHenWife #1 and SisterHenWife #2? Ha ha. Also, would it be possible to line your breezeway with newspaper so you could just change it when needed like the bottom of a birdcage?

Sharon said...

Aah, I kinda had the feeling something like that would happen here - DH wanted to put a pet door in the back door and one in the wall of the back porch. We don't have chickens but we have neighbor dogs and we would have to have bigger doors because Jill is so tall. Sigh...

Pretty chickens! Kernel is a great name, wish I could help with names for the hens, not too creative today. :(

Becca's Dirt said...

The Kernal The Kaptan and Keebler.

Two Dog Pond said...

How about Nuggets and Fingers?
(or the word verification: huckota)

bunny said...

...sister henwife.....LMAO...too funny.

How 'bout The kernal, The Private and The


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

How about Silks and Tassels?
Pretty Birds.

Aunt Kathy said...

How about Peeps and Poops? or Shake and Bake? or Original and Xtra Crispy? haha

Mya said...

Do they lay little tiny eggs?
They never got any closer than the back fence, but in a house we used to have, the house was on the back part of the property line. We thought we overlooked a wooded area, but shortly after we moved in I heard mooing and looked up to see cows about 25-30 feet away, with their heads over the fence staring at me. It was amusing to talk to friends and relatives back home in another state, and explain that they indeed did hear cows.

Ruhammie said...

So cool! Breeding a rare breed...our ducks started laying again yesterday! However our friends drake got eaten last fall, so no ducklings for us this spring. Good luck! Love the sisterhen funny!

val said...

I don't know if I'd like the cleaning of the crapola in the breezeway either but it is funny!

As for are a few to consider (or not)

Polly and Ester
Lucy and Ethel
Trixie and Alice from the Honeymooners (to the MOON Alice!)
Coco and Chanel
Thelma and Louise
Ms. Prissy (old hen from Foghorn Leghorn cartoon) and Henrietta (hen I used to have years ago)

Stacey said...

I have almost got my husband to say yes to chickens! any advice you can offer up would be awesome!


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