little messy missy

little messy missy

Monday, August 2, 2010

Old School, Skies On Fire, Bathroom Doors Made Of String and Cannibal Road!!!

Very cool school. I didn't break into this one, it was sealed up tight!

Beautiful skies this past weekend, they look like they are on fire.

 This is a door to the bathroom up at the camp my son is working at. A STRING!!!! REALLY!!!!

I would be interested in finding out why this street is named Cannibal Road!


Ruhammie said...

You seem to find the neatest old buildings! And you take great sunset pics!

Sharon said...

Such a shame they just lock those old buildings up, I would think they could become a fine home, or business.

Yes, you did have some pretty skies! I seldom see the sunset, it's at the back of the house and the old porch is in the way. But I do see some magnificent sunrises!

String door.... gets the point across, but what about privacy?

Can't imagine why anyone would want to name a road Cannibal, or for that matter.. live on it!

Becca's Dirt said...

Neat old schoolhouse. I love old buildings and would love to rummage inside.

Jeanne said...

LOL!! :0) Love 'em all!!

lemonverbenalady said...

Ah, to be young again! I'd rather not! Love the sky pics!

val said...

that door made of string cracks me up!
My hubby grew up on "Chicken Farm Road"....names like that always make me smile...but "Cannibal Road?" Now that sounds a bit creepy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Was the Donner Party's expedition route anywhere near Cannibal Road?

Callie said...

Neat old school. A string? Really...
Love the fire in the sky photos.
And let's see... they named the road after old Mrs. Cannibal, or the movie "the road is full of cannibals" was filmed there, or it was really supposed to be Cannonball but the sign maker couldn't spell? Your turn.

Rosey said...

I like the sign. Very original. There is a sign out here with the name TWILIGHT on it. My daughters went ga ga over it.

Rosemary said...

Great photos!
Very interesting post!
Have a great weekend,

mangocheeks said...

Stunning skies!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Nice photos. That sure is an open air restroom!


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