little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guilty Rewards!

Rewards... it is what motivates me while in the process of meeting my personal goals. I met the first of three goals and decided to follow through with the reward I had decided on months before. A pedicure! I am a runner, I garden 2-6 hours every day and when I don't absolutely need to have my shoes on I don't, so my feet are bad. Really bad. I also have stupid issues when it comes to spending money on myself. That being said, I started making mental lists in my head  why it would be better if I just did the pedicure myself at home. I finally decided that I deserve the reward, and I am going to sit back and let someone else do it.  So yesterday I went to a nail salon, walked in and asked for a pedicure. I had my book and was ready to relax, something I have a very hard time doing. I sat in the big comfy chair that had little magic massage fingers in it, relaxing as they rolled and kneaded up and down my spine. The water was boiling hot, per request, and I sat back ready for the problems of the day to melt away into the water. And then it happened. I lost the moment, gone forever. From out behind a wall waddled a very petite and very pregnant little woman to do my toes. Now I mean pregnant like a stick figure with a basketball shoved up their shirt pregnant! Now how  am I supposed to relax when this little woman has to sit spread eagle so her growing belly can rest somewhere between the teeny tiny stool and hover magically an inch off the ground! When she had to reach for the polish remover or any foot tool for that matter, a little gasp of pain escaped her lips. So here I am, trying to relax while my grated foot skin is falling all over the house of an unborn baby. Talk about guilt. I think next time I will spend the $25.00 on some plants and stay home, watch a movie and do my own stupid toenails.


Bloody Frida said...

oh yikes - and think of all the fumes she's taking in at that salon.


bunny said...

AWWW MAN...that sucks! Don't let that keep you from rewarding your self again...we tend to rationalize our desires away...and pregnant nail salon girls don't help. Go back in a few weeks...she'll have the baby already and won't be there...let's hope. Have a good one!


LemonyRenee' said...

LOL! I can so relate to every word of this post. I need a pedi probably as bad as you do, but have all the same issues with it that you do.

If I would have been sitting there while this poor pg thing is trying to work on my feet, I would have felt just the same way. Unbelievable!

And here I thought you were going to talk me into finally taking the plunge and getting a pedi. Nope!

Well, good for you for trying. And think of it this way, she probably really needed that job -- you just covered a package of diapers. ;)

Diane-Sage said...

I agree with LemonyRenee. I also agree with you about using the $25 for something else. This is totally a two-edged sword...cuts both ways. Everyone deserves to be pampered and everyone deserves a way to make $$.
Always do what you think is're the one who has to live with the choice eh?
Have a sweet weekend!

NadineC said...

Little Messy Missy! You made me hunt you down! :-) I got my Pin Ups Apron package today (actually, I think it came yesterday but I didn't check the mail). It is awesome! I love the fabric and the pattern. That old booklet is really cool - and rather "equality-minded" for its time, I must say. When I saw the article about divorce, I expected to read stuff like how you should try harder to please your man (eyes rolling here), but it wasn't like that at all. And the mitts and hot pads - how cute! Now, if I could just get myself to USE them, not wanting to get them dirty or burned, LOL! And I love the little candles that you decorated, Pin Up style - how clever! Thanks so very much! I'll get pics on my blog soon.
Your New Friend Nadine

Oh haha - my Word Verification is "proons" LOL!

farmlady said...

Well, sorry about that.., but she'll probably have the baby in the backroom and be back to work in a few hours.
Reward yourself again soon. These ladies work very hard and need your business.
I love pedicures.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Next time, request a man for the pedicure! No chance he'll be pregnant. Just don't think about where the foot crumbs are falling in his lap!

Callie said...

Oh dear! Wish that hadn't happened. You deserve to have a relaxing time for yourself. Shop around until you find a place you like and a salon person you can request that will allow you to have a positive experience. Don't give up.

Melinda Cornish said...

awwww...I would feel bad too.....I love pedicures though...I always work barefoot in the garden and I am in desperate need of one too....


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