little messy missy

little messy missy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Silkie Down...

It is one minute after midnight and here I sit. We are in  the middle of a very bad snow storm. So far we have received about eight inches in the last 6 hours. We were out shopping when the storm hit and I remembered that the young chickens heat light burned out last night. It took us forever to get home and we were worried one of the three newest chickens would be frozen. We slid all over the road and barely made it around the last two corners without getting stuck. We went right into the back yard, through blinding snow, deep to my knee (I am short) and two of the three chickens had sneaked under my big fat hen but one little white Silkie Bantam was laid out flat and not moving. My hubby, being the loving RN he is, brought her inside and now she is laying in a cat carrier on a heating pad. I really thought she was dead, but she is starting to move around a little. He was just giving her some warm water with an eye dropper a minute ago and she seemed to take it. So I guess it will be touch and go tonight...  sigh. We found a regular light bulb and put it out in the coop until we can get to a store in the morning, if the snow ever stops. It is so deep that four out of my six steps to my front door have completely disappeared under white. I have a feeling it is going to be a long and cold night!


Bloody Frida said...

oh no, how is the Silkie doing today?

Chicken Boys said...

You're still getting snow like that? Wow! It is 90F here today! But I'm loving it. And so are all the animals. Our problem is EVERYTHING is covered in yellow pollen, and my alleriges are a mess! Hope the chickies are okay.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Oh Missy, I hope she is okay. I love my girls! As for the snow, I can't believe you got that much last night. It was 90 degrees here today. I think we set a record! Give us an update on her.

Gideon said...

You have worse weather than us! I was out in my T-shirt yesterday, although not for long, admittedly. Hope your chicken makes it.

Rosey Pollen said...

I like the new name of Silkie, Lazarus is very fitting. I hope she is okay now!
I miss chickens so bad! We had them when I was a girl and now we can't have them unless we have a HUGE electric fence and vicious dog to protect them from coyotes.


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