little messy missy

little messy missy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dreaming of fences and a little place called Grouse Creek!

Right after we bought our little old house I dreamed of building a fence. Not just any fence but a unique fence built with sticks. I once had a picture of it but that was before the "Great Computer Crash of 2008" along with about 100 poems and even a short piece of fiction I had written...anyway back to the fence. It took about 2 weeks to complete and if I wasn't working on it I was dreaming about. It backed one side of our Koi Fish pond and gave the area an earthy isolated feel. At the time I had a nine year old son who liked to play with sticks, what is it with boys making everything into a weapon, that being said the fence is no longer with us today but I still dream about it. Two years ago my husband ran across a picture of a fence online when searching for free flagstone. It was as if I had copied the fence. The fence turned out to be a unique fence to a particular region, a place called Grouse Creek in Utah. I had never even heard of it. It is so isolated there are only dirt roads in and out of the little town. Well I found out a year later that my grandfather lived there as a small child and that is were some of "my people" settled when they came across as pioneers from Germany, England and Indonesia. Last weekend my husband and I went away for our 17th year anniversary and made sure to drive through and around Grouse Creek and the surrounding towns. It felt like going home to me and it is so strange that I feel connected to someplace that I have never been before.
These are some of the old homes still standing. They do have over 100 people living in the town today.They have a great website with tons of photos here if you want to take a peak into some history.
Here is an up close of the red house. I love it!

I am desert kind of girl... here are some pictures of the drive. We ran into every type of weather from blinding snow storm, sleet, rain and just plain gray. I could road trip forever! (And yes we did find flagstone!)


Becca's Dirt said...

Great photos. Hard to believe there are still towns that small. That is really something how you feel connected and you didn't even know why. Looks like it was a good trip.

Wakefield High School Band Boosters Yard Sale 2010 said...

Please tell me folks didn't leave these fabulous old houses and move into a single wide!


LemonyRenee' said...

Wow, dessert is so foreign to me; beautiful, though.

Grouse Creek? That might just be my homeland. I can grouse with the best of 'em.

Computers crashing. I have two in my basement "computer graveyard" that I cannot bear to get rid of . . . I fantasize about getting the files off them someday. I know, I know . . .

Tracy said...

I love this post are a beautiful witty writer. And your photos are beautiful. I love that brick house too! Happy Anniversary ;)

xmas said...

this place just feels peaceful. I want to live in that red home.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Grouse Creek looks lovely..the old structures,especially that old red house has character and I cant even imagine the history hiding within its walls.Im wacky like that,when I see a wonderful vintage image I end up daydreaming about the life of the subject.Warmest Regards,Cat


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