little messy missy

little messy missy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Things...

Bad Penny over at the Hen House has given me an award!!! Now I must reveal 10 things about myself that you may not know. So here goes...
1. I love to ghost hunt and seek out the unknown, and have a close friend that I have been doing it with for the last 14 years.
2. I am a rockhounder.
3. I am a runner.
4. I am under 5 feet tall. (Control the laughter.)
5. When I am upset or working out a problem I rearrange furniture compulsively. (It's painfully true just ask my husband!)
6. I am taking belly dancing classes.
7. I have NO sense of direction!
8. I have a college degree in Special Education.
9. I have been married to my high school love for 17 years.
10. I have an auto-immune disease, Lupus.

Thank you Penny!


Chickens in the Basement said...

I like that Lupus wasn't the first thing you wrote about yourself. Actually, it was last and you were probably grasping for a 10th. It's nice that Lupus doesn't define you! You are such a neat person!

temaire said...

First of all, belly dancing lessons? So cool!

Second, I didn't know you had Lupus. I knew your mom did. I am so sorry! Is it something that is hereditary?

Loved the list. :)

In the Light of the Moon said...

Wonderful to know so many things about you...belly dancing lessons..sounds fun!!Congrats on the award!Have a great day!Cat

Tracy said...

Belly dancing - that's awesome! Women have 'power' in their navel area, it's been I have wondered about harnassing that physically, in such form as belly dancing? Hmm.

Missy, no pressure to join along the self portrait fun, but I wanted to at least send you the password, so you wont have a reason not to...but I don't want to send it openly so if you would email me (I can't, despite really trying to, find your email in my system) I will forward the password.

Thanks and I really hope to see more of you...but not pressure;)

mangocheeks said...

Oh little messy missy.
Thank you for sharing a little more about you. I'm just over 5 foot too. Now I know where your 'little' comes from :D
I have only recently become aware of lupus. Thank you for being open and honest.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

it's nice getting to know you. i'm a short person too! I should be belly dancing.

Monica said...

i LOVE belly dancing. haven't really done any since the little one was born... but i look forward to getting out the scarfs and shaking my hips again.


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