little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why Waxing Isn't Funny!

I hate leg hair. I run three miles six days a week and wear shorts and cannot stand leg hair. So for the last 20 or so years I have been shaving everyday and I am sooooo sick of it. So I paid twenty dollars for a product called Nads and thought I would give it a try. So after a torturous two days of letting my hair grow I got brave enough to try it. I locked myself in the bathroom, got down to my skivvies and perched on the edge of the tub. Feeling very confident after reading the directions twice I got down to business. Start small I said out-loud and spread the smooth sticky wax in an inch by six inch line just like the directions said, following the hair growth. I pressed the little virgin white cloth into the wax and took a deep breath. On three I pulled and screamed, no, shrieked, no, siren wailed from the pit of my stomach until it exploded out of my mouth. I slipped off my perch into the empty and cold tub and wondered if the primal yell I heard was audible to the outside world or if the scream was just in my head. Stunned and in pain I sat again on my perch and decided I would have to give it at least one more try now. Knowing what I knew it could not possibly hurt that bad again. Shaking and sweating I made another strip on my leg only half as long as the previous one.I applied the cloth, took two deep breaths and RIP........ the war cry started at my toes and shot out my mouth. I know I was heard because two cats were at the bathroom door crying to be let in to see if the hand that feeds them had just been amputated. So waxing is not funny. Just a note: it doesn't hurt on the eyebrows or chin.(Don't know why!) I love being a woman!


temaire said...

It is a horrible thing that we do to ourselves! Maybe it would hurt less if someone else did it? I am not sure where I am getting that logic from! lol Men (and women in France) have it easy!

Chickens in the Basement said...

I always thought it might hurt, hence, I never tried it. However, I have always wondered why on earth you would wax your bikini line? I don't cry easily, but think I would need an hour or two to pull myself together after that one.

My fast! As long as the leg hair isn't blowing in the breeze, no one will be able to see your five o'clock shadow on your legs!


Callie said...

Whoa! That sounds terrible! I was not expecting that at all. I thought the story was going to be about how the stuff didn't work. Well, that's what I have read about the product... that it didn't work. I hated shaving my legs and after I quit work I wore jeans all the time and gave it up. Like temaire said... women in Europe have the right idea.

Chicken Boys said... mom bought an epilady when I was a budding pre-teen. It looked like an electric shaver, except there was a rotating spring instead of blades. The hair was caught in the spring and yanked out by the roots....and she thought it funny to let me have a go with it. Not funny. That was for friggin' painful....

Now...come run with me. I need a run partner sooooo bad! I have to run 2 miles in 17:42. My run time for the test was 19:55! Isn't that insane! I enjoy running, but not by it don't get done. :(

LemonyRenee' said...

LOL! I've never done it, but now I feel like I have . . . and I'm laughing, too!

I'm so happy you found my blog so that I could find yours. I'm totally joining!

P.S. I love pin-up art, too.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Hey Missy,

I don't have your e-mail address, so couldn't answer you...the white cement chickens came from two different yard sales. I just love to put crap in my yard! My e-mail address is annasbasement@gmail if you need to get in touch.


Yarni Gras! said...

HAHA! My husband made fun of me for yelping when I tried NADS. He let me do his back. wasn't a pretty sight. He actually ran into a wall....while wailing the whole time! PRICELESS!!!


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