little messy missy

little messy missy

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have a lovely little book that I would love to send someone. If your interested leave me a comment.
Book Description from Harper Collins

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D., the internationally known poet, psychoanalyst, and author of the seminal classic Women Who Run With The Wolves (99 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, translated into eighteen languages, and a bestseller worldwide), touches our lives anew, rendering in the strong and lyrical voice for which she has become known a powerful series of her signature healing stories.

These elegantly interlocked tales of loss, survival, and fierce rebirth center around Dr. Estes's uncle, a war-ravaged Hungarian peasant farmer and refugee, a faithful gardener, and a storehouse of stories who was one of the "dancing fools, wise old crows, grumpy sages, and 'almost saints' who made up the old people" in Estés's childhood.
Told with graceful simplicity, deep feeling, generous humor, and profound optimism, The Faithful Gardener is, at its captivating core, the story of an open-hearted child who listened well to her old-country elders and who grew up to remember, to bear witness, and, as one of the premier storytellers of our times, to remind readers and listeners of all ages of "that magisterial life force within all things that strengthens us in times of turmoil or transition, that faithful force which can never die."


Callie said...

Ah! Some gardener will be very happy to sign up for your offer. I'm still at the three house plant stage.

LemonyRenee' said...

Oh, Little Missy, that book sounds wonderful and I would love to read it and suspect, perhaps, I need to read it. I, myself, am in a time of turmoil, loss (of sorts), and challenge. My daughter (6) has just been diagnosed with a mental illness. Blessedly, it is fixable, but it will take much, much time and love and thought and strength and patience on both her part and mine. Patience has never been a strong point of mine, and I have been struggling to over come my perfectionistic, all-or-nothing mentality in order to find happiness even in the midst of profound disturbance.

I wonder if I have anything like this to offer you or any of my other readers . . . what a wonderful idea of yours.

Chickens in the Basement said...

What a beautiful book. I'm currently reading Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. He tells the story of his old rabbi. I'm finding it very warming. Couldn't we all learn so much from the elders in our community...if only we would slow down and LISTEN!

Your nice to do this!

Callie said...

In answer to your question:

When we first moved here I remember seeing mouse droppings in the chicken coop when I cleaned it out. But, not since then. I don't see any evidence of the little critters being around the place. Except we did find a little field mouse in one of the feed bins last year. He couldn't climb out the steep sides.

We do have a lot of feral cats that live in the woods. Maybe they are taking care of the problem. Or maybe the dogs we have had and now Morgan have made their lives so miserable they left for the neighbors barn?

Sometimes I wonder if the large Brahmas and Orpingtons don't go after the mice for a snack? But, I haven't found any mouse bones. LOL

Maybe you could get a barn cat? Or put up owl nest boxes. I hear the owls at night, so I figure they are cutting down on the mouse population. I thought about putting up owl nest boxes, but they seem to be doing fine on their own in the woods.

Tracy said...

Oh this sounds like a wonderful book I ought to get, in a giveaway (thanks for the opportunity) or at my local way or another, I believe I have been called to a read. So lovely of you to pass along your goodness.....

Chicken Boys said...

I got "My Fine Feathered Friend" on Wednesday. Mike had already opened it by the time I got home. I wasn't feeling well, and was home sick yesterday. So, it became my lay-on-the-sofa-and-read book. I finished it yesterday afternoon. I will do a post and share it with someone else. Thank you very much.


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