little messy missy

little messy missy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Found Treasures

While pulling weeds in the green bean patch in the garden my tired fingers ran across something metal and tubular. I put it into my basket and finished what I was doing. I brought it in and after scrubbing multiple layers of earth off of it I was surprises to find that it was a tube of lipstick. After doing some research I found that it came out in 1954 and was a very popular color! Cashmere Bouquet! I found a advertisement for it on line and boy was it ever a bright color. It amazes me that that it was still there laying in my garden waiting to be found. We have had a riding tiller till our garden for the last 4 years and yet it remained. The second summer we lived in our little old house all the boys in the neighborhood would come over with shovels in hand and dig. They created what we came to call the "mud pit". They spent hours upon hours playing with GI Joe's and Cowboys and Indians deep inside that mud pit. The things they found!!!!! I still have an almost perfect bottle of what looks like an old perfume bottle. It has no marks but I am guessing an early Avon Perfume of some kind. The boys even found a huge metal barrow last fall which turned out to be a homemade smoker that must have been easier to just bury then to take to the dump. Our little house has been full of surprises, from a closed up room we didn't know existed to old horse equipment and now finally the feminine touch.....lipstick and perfume. I love my house!

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