little messy missy

little messy missy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Apricot Tree, The Sky, And Me.

I stepped outside and the rain was heavy with slush. The drops quickly puddled at the bottom of my glasses, and I found myself viewing the world from beneath fresh water. After removing my eyes I knelt down on the last step facing our almost empty garden. I felt the knees of my pants slowly sucking up the small pools that the rain was forming and still I stayed. I could smell the earth, and I could almost hear it calling to me to be planted. The chickens in the far corner became aware of my presence and the clementine in my hand, and quickly ran with their armless bodies over to me while their heads were bobbing in and out like the Egyptian dance we all did in grade school. My laughing did not stop them and as I peeled the fruit they waited turning their heads from side to side longing for the bright orange skin. After the feast I was quickly ignored, because rain always brings out the big worms. I remained on my knees and allowed the feeling of complete silence, acceptance, and happiness to overflow inside of me. It poured out of me and mixed with the rain. The apricot blossoms fell like tears into the rich black soil and together the tree, the sky, and I cried. We cried for the earth and the bounty it provides, we cried for those who love us and tend to our needs and we cried because we have so much to give. The apricot tree, the sky, and I all cried today and it was wonderful.

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truewonder said...

Amazingly beautiful...evoking more to your story then- of the canning apricots this.


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