little messy missy

little messy missy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kate Nash and Insulation......

Wow, what a wonderful past couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to visit my best friend in Texas.....I am homesick for her, her peaceful house and her wonderful kissable babies. And thanks to the YMCA in Texas I am still losing while stealing myself back. I am glad to be home. I missed him desperately. We probably needed to be hosed of! ;o) I love him. Yesterday while listening to Kate Nash (WOO HOO BRIT ROCK ROCKS)I was so pleased to watch two young men installing insulation into my attic. Improvements to my 1930'S home give me great satisfactory, especially in my wallet. Well a lot has happened today. A little sorrow for her-----if she could only see that the flowers struggling against the frozen ground in her front garden represent her life and the great changes to come. She is beautiful (inside and out) and stronger then she will ever realize. Well, I am off to have a small cup of joe (cinnamon vanilla cappuccino) with him before he dashes off like Speed Racer to work.
Life is wonderful!!!!!

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