little messy missy

little messy missy

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Discussions and Lessons on Hannah Montana and Furberries.

While waiting in my car for my teenagers bell to ring, my little niece started up a conversation with another pig-tailed girl in the car behind us. Apparently all that is needed to make a new best friend is the knowledge of how old the party is and how many teeth they have lost. The conversation started with a "Mimi, can I roll down the window?" and then quickly progressed to " I have a new best friend!" The first signs of communication were a quick wave and then a duck from my back seat, and then a similar silent reply echoed from the long red car. After a copy cat game of sticking your head out the window and giggling, the two girls began using words instead of actions (although there was a healthy heaping of laughter mixed in between the words). They talked of Hannah Montana and I discovered that even though they both had never watched the TV show they both LOVED it. The exchange of words rapidly touched every subject a 1st grader would know about and ended on a high note: Furberries and how the pink one smelled way better then the blue.
The innocent and honest way they spoke touched me and I wished it could be that simple once again.

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